Retrofit Mist Systems

How do the nozzles look? 

We frequently get asked about our Mist System and how the nozzles look when installed. Mist Systems best suit projects where achieving the required flow and pressure for a traditional sprinkler system has not been possible. Without the required flow and pressure for a traditional sprinkler system to be effective a tank and pump is required. An alternative to a tank and pump is a mist system.

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Mist systems are also often better suited for retrofit projects as the mist pipe is significantly smaller in diameter and more flexible in comparison with sprinkler pipework.

We have extensive experience in installing our mist system as a retrofit

Often clients contact us in the latter stages of their projects, often the suppression system installation is overlooked during the build and is flagged at the final stages of building control sign off. We understand the frustration and unexpected cost this is for clients and always offer our most fair and competitive quotation for works.

Our system uniquely benefits from having two different nozzle options including a surface mounted nozzle which works well for projects that require a fully surface mounted systems.

We have a vast portfolio of properties in which we have installed our mist system – from new build properties, to chapel renovations and listed buildings.

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