Dry Risers

We design, supply and install dry riser systems for residential and domestic properties.

A dry riser is a system of pipework and valves that runs up through a building which allows fire fighters to easily access water from each individual floor via a dedicated valve.

Dry risers are by far the most efficient way to get water to all floors in a building as it saves the fire fighters the trouble of carrying and pulling up their hoses and equipment.

We install our dry risers to BS 9990 2015, we also commission, test and provide a maintenance service.

QSD Fire specializes in fire mains with a nominal bore of 100mm, designed to withstand 1.5 times the maximum operating pressure. Our galvanized steel pipes and fittings are manufactured to BS EN 10255 standards. To ensure safety, we install isolation valves on each floor, secured in the open position by a chain and padlock.

Dry Riser Service and Maintenance

At QSD Fire, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional fire security systems for residential and domestic properties. Our expertise lies in the design, supply, and installation of reliable dry riser systems, ensuring easy access to water for firefighters on every floor. You can trust in the durability and safety of our installations, made with galvanized steel pipes and fittings that adhere to BS EN 10255 standards. We also offer comprehensive dry riser service and maintenance, including annual pressure testing and visual inspections, in compliance with legal requirements and insurance policies. Don’t compromise on your fire protection – contact us today for a quote and experience peace of mind with QSD Fire.

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Our team of experts at QSD are here to provide you with comprehensive knowledge and assistance regarding fire security. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have, as we strive to deliver insightful answers and solutions tailored to your specific needs.

What is a Dry Riser?

Rising mains can be either wet or dry, depending on whether or not they have water in them. A dry riser has no water in it, so fire fighters can attach their hoses to inlets that provide a steady stream of water that comes out of an outlet on the desired floor. This saves fire fighters time as they don’t need to run hoses up the stairs of buildings.

Dry Riser Service and Maintenance

You should visually inspect all the elements of the dry riser every six months and the system fully serviced annually.

What Is The Difference Between Dry Risers and Wet Risers?

The main difference between a wet riser and a dry riser is that a dry riser is designed to remain dry when not in use, only being charged with water by the fire fighters during fire emergencies or testing.

On the other hand, a wet riser remains full of water at all times, with the help of a system of tanks and pumps.

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